eco-friendly packaging bags

With the growing awareness of the dangers of plastic pollution, governments and private organizations around the world have come down hard on single use plastic. You can read why plastic is bad here.

eco-friendly bags

One of the largest sources of plastic pollution is plastic packaging. Companies have noticed this and have moved proactively to eco-friendly packaging. Having an eco-friendly cotton, jute, canvas, juco, hemp, viscose, tencel pouch or bag, as packaging for your product is beneficial both to the environment and your brand. Not only does the packaging help the environment, with your logo on it, it lasts for years, reminding the consumer of their choice in an environmentally friendly company. It is also reused 100s of times serving as a walking advertisement for you.

We have made eco-friendly packaging for large consumer goods brands, bakeries, perfumeries, grocery stores, eyewear stores and gift stores – in Australia, USA and the UK.

Check out some of the products below and please get in touch with us and we will help you design the right packaging for your brand.

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