Norquest is based out of Ahmedabad the India and global hub for cotton textile processing. With abundant access to cotton fabric, quality processing and skilled manpower Norquest has grown into a leading global supplier of eco-friendly bags.

Here is an overview of our facilities

  • We are ethically audited as per SEDEX 4 pillar facilities in addition to social compliance for Fairtrade, Global Organic Textile standard (GOTS) and Global Recycle Standard (GRS).
  • This means that all our facilities are audited to the highest international standards of ethical, social, environmental and legal standards.
  • We are audited as per Amazon Quality standards. This is for the production of EONO brand for Amazon UK. We are also ISO 9001 certified.
  • Our production facilities span 30,000+ square feet housing ~200 machines with a daily manufacturing capacity of 18,000 bags.
  • A state of the art in-house sampling facilities (here) enables super quick turnaround of customer samples. We also have an in-house digital printing machine.
Read more about us here to get an idea of why we might be the best fit for your needs.


Our skilled workforce manufactures a large number of products from standard cotton shoppers to handbags with gussets, pleats, pockets and zips. We also manufacture aprons, lab coats, chef coats and hats, pot holders, gloves, masks, PVC banners etc!

Quality Control

Our internal quality control processes are robust and designed to meet international standards. Quality remains a ‘no compromise’ area with the AQL chart being followed to ensure adherence to specifications.

Fabric Cutting

Accurate cutting is the first step to good quality production. We have a large cutting area with adequate tables and equipment. Cutting is mechanised with skilled operators managing high precision machines. A drill cutter is used for markings. There is a sharp focus on worker safety.

Empowering women

Women make up over 75% of our workforce! We take pride that we help empower women from varied backgrounds to have greater control over their own and their families lives. Our policies and facilities are designed to enable greater women participation!

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