Meet the people who work to make your bags a reality 🙂



Sanjiv Sood

Managing Director

Sanjiv Sood is the founder and Managing Director of Norquest. He’s been in the manufacturing business for over 35 years, the last 20 heading Norquest. He’s an engineer by education from IIT Bombay, but he proudly calls himself a tailor for the environment. You can find him on [email protected]


Romen Sood


Romen is a marketing whiz, having worked with some of the largest brands in India. He was previously Vice President at Radio Mirchi. An MBA from IIM Ahmedabad, Romen’s keen marketing sense is the litmus test for all Norquest’s marketing strategies. You can find him on [email protected]


Udit Sood


Udit Sood is a Director of Norquest and heads the eco-friendly brand EcoRight. He’s an MBA from IIM Calcutta and has previously worked at Zomato, HUL and TAS. When he’s not running around trying to think of the next big bag, he’s dreaming about being an Oscar Winning Award actor (he has a speech prepared). You can find him on [email protected]

People you are likely to encounter


Devyani Shah

Devyani is the Account Manager of all Account Managers. She’s been doing this at Norquest for 10 years and will be able to figure out EXACTLY what you need. You’ll come to her as a customer and leave as a friend. She currently boasts of friends in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia. You can find her on [email protected]


Alpesh Bait

Alpesh is one of the first employees at Norquest. He heads logistics and supply chain and will be the one making sure all your orders get to you in the safest and most secure way. We call him Mr Dependable! You can reach Alpesh on [email protected]


Viji Sumesh

Viji is one of the most vibrant people in the entire office, cross that, country! She’s a happy go lucky, cheerful person who makes it a point to delight every client she speaks to. She’s got 2 daughters, and she works hard to build a better plastic-free future for them everyday! You can reach her on [email protected]

Srishti - Design Head
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