One of the benefits of having an in-house sampling team is that we are able to customize products as per our customer requirements. It also allows both our customers and us to be creative and try different types of prints, colors etc. To see the entire list of things we can customize - head to our Bespoke Bags Page. Hint: everything, we can customize everything.

Overview of sampling facilities for cotton and jute bags

  • 5 machine facility, 10 member team
  • Experience supervisor with over 10 years experience in handling sampling
  • Digital printing facility for quick sampling
  • Pantone matching
  • We turn around samples in 3-5 working days (depends on complexity, but this is our standard TAT)

Some of our basic guidelines for sampling

  • If you want plain/unprinted bags, we will not charge you a penny for the bags themselves. We just ask that you pay for the shipping to your location. This can be done via your account as well, so you can pay it directly to the shipping company. We are happy to give you an estimate as well.
  • If you would like printed samples with your logo, we might need to charge you for the setup cost (this is around $25 to $50 based on the design) and shipping on actuals
  • If you want a previously printed sample of ours to check our quality of print, we would be happy to let you have that just the cost of shipping
  • If you would like us to experiment with a new fabric, a new style of printing, we are happy to do that as well. If there are any significant costs, we will tell you upfront.

How can you pay for shipping the sample

  • Our preferred mode of payment for sampling is PayPal. You can pay via your credit card easily. We will just send you a payment link
  • Or you can send us your account number with FedEx and we will dispatch the bags for you

Please do not hesitate in reaching us below, we’d be happy to solve any of your queries.

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Attach File Format (jpg, jpeg, png, gif) & Max File Size 10 MB

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