We realized a while back that doing good was a great thing for us as human beings, but doing the right thing was actually great for business too. Our customers work with us because they are certain that their bags are manufactured in facilities that adhere to the strictest international ethical, social, environmental and legal norms.

What Does This Mean?

Glad you asked. Our facilities are audited as per SEDEX 4 Pillar Standards. You can read about it here. This means that our facilities ensure that every single person who works at Norquest brands is paid a fair wage, is above the legal working age, has access to sanitation facilities and drinking water, works the mandated hours with breaks and has health benefits. A SMETA audit also ensures that our workers have the highest levels of safety, which is really essential in a manufacturing facility with over 150 workers and 80 machines.

But that’s not all, we also have our own practices in place to make this a great place to work.

  • We believe strongly in women empowerment. 90% of our workforce are women.
  • We give interest free loans to the children of those workers who cannot afford to send their children to school
  • We encourage 360 feedback – every month there is a workers meeting with the production management where their ideas, grievances, feedback are addressed
  • We create a fun environment. All of our workforce is treated to a 3 day trip every year
  • We create pension plans for everyone, once they put in their years of service we take care of them till the end

Other things we believe in strongly


Transparent Pricing

Our pricing is system driven and based on quantity slabs. As the slabs get higher, the pricing gets better. Send us an inquiry and we will happily quote for multiple volumes. Send us an inquiry here.


Sampling, Sampling, Sampling

we will sample as much as you want. We don’t charge you for making the bags, but if there is printing involved, we only ask for a small setup charge (this is the charge to make the screens read more about our printing here) and shipping to your final destination.


Transparency In Order Tracking

we work over orders that span over many months. You will not feel lost at any point in time. There will be an update in your inbox at each step of the way. We are currently building a software that will allow you to track the status of your order directly. Until then, we will do this via email.

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