The Jute Bag

Stitched from laminated jute and styled with cotton web handles and a bottom gusset, the # A52 is a super utility bag which can help store owners and people running shops selling various products with their promotional and advertising needs. You can offer these to your customers when they buy from your shop. Get your logo and name printed to ensure that whenever people reuse this bag, your logo and name appears around and it becomes a walking billboard for you. You can get the jute dyed to any color of your choice and can even give the bag a stylish two toned look by getting the handles dyed in a contrasting color.

Size (in inches):18″ x 14.5″ + 8″
Fabric: Dyed laminated jute
Handle: Dyed cotton web; 1.25″ wide, 26″ long
Minimum Order Quantity: 1000