The Promo Boat Bag

Made out of 10 oz. cotton, the # A17 is a two-toned cotton tote, which is perfect to be used as an economical giveaway at a trade fair or fund raiser. Along the dyed body of the bag, you can get the base as well as the handles dyed in different colors probably to match your company’s colors to make the bag look eye-catching. Utilize the full promotional potential of the bag by getting your logo imprinted as well so that when people reuse this bag, your logo is seen everywhere. The # A17 is also apt as a shopping bag, a college bag or even a carry-all bag for those random trips to the beach or a near by picnic spot.

Size (in inches):18″ x 13″ + 5″ BG
Fabric: 10 oz Dyed cotton and 10 oz dyed cotton
Handle: 11 oz dyed cotton; 1.25″ x 23″
Minimum Order Quantity: 1500