The Promo Boat Bag

The # A17 is an ideal every day, carry-all bag. A contrasting base as well as colored shoulder handles give you an option of dyeing them in different colors and making it even more smarter to use as a shopping handbag or even as a college bag. It makes for a great promotional tool as well which can be used as an economical giveaway at the next trade exhibition that you participate in. People reuse bags like these over 500 times and it thus becomes a walking billboard if you’ve your company logo imprinted. We don’t believe in minimums and are happy to do an order for as less as 50 bags. We deliver directly from India and will be happy to send over a free sample as well.

Size (in inches):18″ x 13″ + 5″ BG
Fabric: 10 oz natural cotton and 10 oz dyed cotton
Handle: 10 oz dyed cotton; 1.25″ x 23″
Minimum Order Quantity: 100