The Promotional Nonwoven Tote

Looking for a reasonable giveaway for your next trade show, the # A30 is a perfect choice. Made from 70 GSM spun bonded polypropylene, it makes for an excellent advertising and promotional product. We offer a variety of colors for non-woven polypropylene and you can match them to your company’s colors. Get your logo printed on it as well, so you make sure that when people reuse the bag, it becomes a walking billboard for your company. The # A30 comes with convenient shoulder handles and can be customized to your requirements as well. We’d be happy to send over a free sample and even a detailed quote.

Size (in inches):16″ x 15″ + 3″
Fabric: 90 GSM nonwoven spun bonded polypropylene
Handle: Same fabric; 1″ wide, 22″ long
Minimum Order Quantity: 100