The Small Canvas Boat Bag

A compact boat bag for your college or your weekly shopping routine and even a trendy handbag. Ask for a free sample to check the manufacturing quality or to test the size of the bag. You can use it to give out your company brochures and documents at a trade fair after having it printed with your company logo. We don’t believe in minimums and are happy to send over even 50 bags; email us for a quote today.

Size (in inches):16″ x 12″ + 5″
Fabric: Body – 12 oz./yard_ natural cotton canvas (410 grams/meter_); Base – 10 oz./yard_ dyed cotton canvas (340 grams/meter_)
Handle: 10 oz./yard_ dyed cotton canvas; 1.25″ wide, 22″ long
Minimum Order Quantity: 100